ARVORE’s YUKI Gets Infinity Mode on Steam VR and Oculus

Almost three months have passed since the launch of YUKI, a virtual reality game developed by TREE, a very talented Brazilian indie studio that just released their first free update. YUKI is available through Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift and Steam VR; where it offers a third-person rail shooter experience.

The free update of YUKi adds the new Infinity mode, for those looking for a different experience or are tired of Patrol mode, the traditional experience. In the Infinite mode you must show your skills until you can’t anymore, as the intensity and difficulty of the game gradually increases as time goes by.

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Thanks to this new update, YUKI just turned into a roguelite-type third-person shooter game, since the levels of the infinite mode are generated in a procedural way, which allows you to have a different challenge with each occasion and you must start from scratch when you die. The ARVORE developers also added global leaderboards so you can brag about your results to the whole world, as well as challenge yourself to scores higher than yours.

While in the traditional Patrol mode You play through 6 episodes with their respective bosses, in Infinite mode there are neither episodes nor bosses, because instead you face hordes of increasingly difficult enemies. This mode features a virtual environment created by UNDER, TREE collaborators for YUKI.

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Furthermore, it was also revealed that recently ARVORE has partnered with VR Esports Brasil and they shot an amazing trailer for YUKI in mixed reality, which gives us an idea of ​​what the YUKI experience is like for VR players.


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