As an online collaborator, the woman was scammed 2 5 billion dong

On February 9, the police of Long Bien district, Hanoi said that they were verifying and clarifying the woman’s report about being scammed with the amount of 2.5 billion dong while working. online collaborator. Before that, Ms. T. (SN 1983, residing in Hanoi) went to the police station of Bo De ward, Long Bien district to report about being scammed to appropriate property.


The woman said that if she received an invitation to be a collaborator on the task of increasing interaction, she would receive a commission for the Tiki e-commerce platform. From January 25 to January 30, Ms. T. transferred about 2.5 billion VND to do her duty but did not receive any commission. At this time, Ms. T. knew she had been cheated and went to the police station to report.

Before the above incident, Hanoi City Police asked people to be vigilant and propagate to relatives and friends about the above tricks to avoid being trapped by bad actors.

Specifically, when doing collaborators For companies, businesses, goods and service suppliers, people need to check clearly the information about goods and suppliers through many different sources to verify the accuracy.

If detecting a case of fraud, people should immediately report to the police agency to quickly verify, prevent and handle violators in accordance with the law.

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