“As hot as June” –

Narcissus arrives, a powerful anticyclone of African origin that will bring a heat wave and pleasant weather stability to our peninsula. This was announced by the de team ilmeteo.it, which in the latest update published on the site ventured a comparison with the temperatures of the summer month of June. Starting from the analysis of a broader context, the European one, the experts explained that in the Mediterranean basin “a vast anticyclonic promontory of African origin is expanding, which extends from the heart of the Sahara towards the North” and which will affect not only the Italy, but also eastern Spain, France and Germany. But what should we expect from this atmospheric configuration?

The vast cloud of sand points towards Italy: where and when it arrives

Starting today and throughout the weekend, Narciso is a harbinger of good news. Here is in fact a clear change of pace. What does it mean? Take away your jackets and umbrellas because “a decidedly unusual heat for the period, with extremely high temperatures” will be the dominant factors in the next few hours. For today and tomorrow, Sunday 7 April, “stable, sunny and warm weather is expected in almost the entire country, from North to South”. An exception is made for Liguria, “where the formation of fog or low clouds is expected, which will mainly affect the coastal areas and adjacent hilly areas, especially in the first part of the day”. Excellent forecasts for next week too. “Stable and warm weather context” is what meteorologists assure, but they also warn Italians about Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th April.

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2024-04-10 07:39:34

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