Astronergy offers the Romanian energy group 200 MW TOPCon modules

2023-04-17 22:50:34

Hangzhou, China (ots/PRNewswire) The contract for 200MW of n-type ASTRO N TOPCon PV modules was signed between Astronergy and EXIMPROD GRUP – one of the most competitive players in the Romanian energy sector – after a delegation from EXIMPROD GRUP visited the Astronergy production facility in Haining on April 6th .

EXIMPROD GRUP is an expert in design, manufacture and project development in the energy sector. The group’s delegation visited the Astronergy PV test center and workshops for PV cells and PV modules. Rigorous testing and intelligent manufacturing processes gave them a good idea of ​​Astronergy’s forward-thinking R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

According to the contract signed between the two sides, TOPCon modules with a capacity of 200 MW will be used for the construction of the group’s five solar projects in Romania. The first batch of TOPCon PV modules will be delivered from June this year.

“This is the first collaboration between us and Astronergy,” said the EXIMPROD GRUP delegation. “We look forward to a successful collaboration with Astronergy and fulfilling our commitment to sustainable energy.

The 200MW order confirms the strength of our TOPCon technology,” said Samuel Zhang, CMO at Astronergy. “We warmly welcome everyone to visit our Haining headquarters for an in-depth understanding of the entire sophisticated and intelligent process of our TOPCon modules,” he added.

“We are convinced that our TOPCon PV modules are the better choice for most possible application scenarios and are pleased that our TOPCon modules are having an effect and generating more green electricity for the local people,” said Samuel.

Since the three large TOPCon orders with a total volume of over 1.1 GW for Australia, Brazil and Germany, Astronergy’s TOPCon technology has continuously attracted the attention of customers. This time ASTRO N TOPCon modules have caught the interest of EXIMPROD GRUP delegation from Romania and Astronergy is making progress towards realizing its slogan “For A Greener World”.

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