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This Sunday, April 9, 2023, a convoy of gold miners was attacked by unidentified heavily armed individuals on the Tagharaba – Arlit axis. The Attack which took place towards a point called “Plate” left at least 5 soldiers killed, 5 wounded and at least 2 missing.

According to a victim of the attack, the assailants infiltrated their vehicles into the convoy and opened fire on one of the vehicles of the defense and security forces (FDS). They first fired at the 12.7 gunner before changing direction following the other vehicles in the convoy who tried to retreat. The soldiers escorting the convoy then engaged in a chase against the assailants who again took another direction, reports the victim. It was a trap for the FDS who subsequently fell into an ambush, she continued. The armed individuals thus opened fire on the FDS vehicles.

According to our information, 5 soldiers were killed and are currently in the Arlit morgue where they will be buried on Monday April 10. 5 other soldiers were injured and at least 2 other people are missing, our sources report.

After their dirty work, the assailants detached and took away the large weapons (12.7) from the FDS vehicles which they abandoned at the scene.

There is a strong suspicion of loss of several kilos of gold. Indeed, among those attacked, there are those who were transporting gold that has not yet been found. For the moment, nothing confirms that it was stolen or not.

As part of this attack, we learn that the prefect of Arlit will hold a press briefing on Monday to give more details.

Ahmadou Atafa

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