Austria’s Chancellor Kurz: “The situation is serious”

AIn Austria, too, the head of government felt that the time had come to address the population directly with a video message. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said in the recording broadcast on Sunday that it “is up to us all” to prevent a second closure of public life. “The situation in Austria is serious.”

Kurz demanded that people should reduce social contacts on their own initiative, and avoid celebrations, large private gatherings and parties. Otherwise threaten in the interaction of Corona-Pandemie and the onset of the flu wave, a situation in which the Austrian hospitals are reaching the limits of intensive care capacities. The Chancellor referred to the neighboring country, the Czech Republic, where this situation was already foreseeable.

While the government in Vienna has so far tried to use a “Corona traffic light” to take flexible measures from region to region, further restrictions can now be expected for the entire country. The “traffic light” system did not meet the publicly stoked expectations that there would be indisputable criteria and inevitable consequences. At the end of last week, four districts were switched to “red” for the first time, but none from Vienna, although most per capita infections are measured in this state.

Now there is speculation about curfew or registration obligations in restaurants, as they already apply in some federal states, in others not. In any case, the heads of the conservative-green coalition have scheduled a video conference with the governors of the nine federal states this Monday, after which the “Corona Quartet”, well-known from the spring (Chancellor Kurz, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer) educate the public.


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