Avian Flu Outbreak in Denmark: Measures Taken to Control Spread and Protect Poultry Industry

2023-11-22 15:34:13

Following the detection of avian flu on a Danish farm, 2,700 pheasants had to be culled, the country’s veterinary and food authorities said on Wednesday.

The decision was taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Authorities say the pheasants were likely infected during contact with wild birds en route south.

The farm is located near the municipality of Tonder, close to the border with Germany. A protection zone has been established within a radius of 3 kilometers while a surveillance zone extends 10 kilometers across the border.

Poultry operators are temporarily no longer allowed to participate in trade fairs. The export of their poultry and poultry products is subject to strict monitoring. These measures are in effect for a period of thirty days.

The authorities also recommend that Danes keep their distance from wild animals. Breeders are asked to clean their clothes and shoes before coming into contact with their birds.

Avian flu viruses rarely infect humans.

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