Ayako Kato Declaration of serious fertility!“Newlyweds” with a celebrity husband[光文社週刊誌]

Katopan who leaves the yakiniku restaurant and chats with friends regretfully even after going out on the street

“Look, look, thisGachapinKey chain. I put on a new one yesterday. “

In late June, at a high-class BBQ restaurant in Ginza, a freelance announcer called “Katopan” tells his three friends a lonely boastful story.Ayako Katois.

On June 3rd, Katopan announced that he would graduate from “Live News It!” (Fuji TV), which serves as MC through his agency, at the end of September. He says he will save his entertainment activities in the future.

“In some reports, it is said that Mr. Kato’s expensive guarantee could not be paid due to the lack of budget of Fuji TV, but it is completely different.” Katopan “is a star raised by Fuji TV even after it became free. It’s a brand. Of course I wanted to keep it, but I couldn’t help it because it was my intention. “

So what is the biggest reason for deciding to leave?

“I’m really pregnant. In” Honma Big !? TV “(Fuji TV),pacific saury AkashiyaWhen I was told that I was pregnant, I said, “I’m sorry for morning sickness.” This is a variety show, but even when the camera isn’t turning, I’m seriously declaring to the program staff that I’m going to get pregnant. “(Same as above)

In June 2021, with the second president of the supermarket “Lopia”, which boasts annual sales of 200 billion yen.CelebrityKatopan surprised the world with his marriage, but the couple’s time is certainly short.

“The broadcast of’It!’Starts at 15:45, but since it’s a live news program, we need to have a careful meeting. You have to leave home every morning, and considering the recording of other programs,” The couple’s I don’t think I can afford to have time “(same as above)

Let’s return to the opening scene. Taking pride in Katopan, my friend

“But you’ll be bitten by a cat again, right?”

“Yeah. I don’t like the shape of this gachapin (laughs).”

I exchanged words. A “cat” is her protected cat, Maro, who started keeping with her husband after her marriage. He showed off a part of her sweet life, living with her husband and cat.

“Gachapin is a regular in the weather corner of” It! “. The more I carry the key chain, the more I love the show.Manami MiyajiAnnouncer co-starred with Mr. Kato on “Mezamashi TV” when he first joined the company. Mr. Kato at that time was Fuji’s absolute ace. It was her longing for Anna Miyaji, and Mr. Kato responded to her thoughts and loved her. Even if she leaves, she thinks that she can be left to the priest. “(Entertainment reporter)

My father, who lives in Saitama, is also pleased with Katopan’s declaration of fertility.

When I hit him directly, he said, “I can’t say anything. I’m sorry” about the program leaving at the end of September. However, when she turned the water on, “I’m looking forward to my grandson’s face,” she said, “Hahaha! That’s true.”

I want you to finish your pregnancy safely and come back to TV as a celebrity mom …

Photo: Mamoru Shiraki, Yutaka Yoshida

( Weekly FLASH July 19, 2022 issue

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