Ayumi Hamasaki releases 2 shots with children “May the road leading to you be full of light”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki (43) released the latest shot of holding hands with her child on Instagram on March 27, 2022.

  • From Ayumi Hamasaki’s Instagram

  • From Ayumi Hamasaki's Instagram

“The first spring break has begun.”

Mr. Hamasaki announced that he gave birth to his first child in November 2019 and his second child in May 2021.

On the 27th, a photo taken in a place colored with glittering lights, with the sentence “The first spring break for my lil one has begun” on Instagram. I released the photo of.

As the post is tagged with the “Teamlab” hashtag, the photo is believed to have been taken during a visit to the “Teamlab” exhibition.

In a gorgeous venue where the laser beam-like lighting emitted from the ceiling is reflected on the floor, Mr. Hamasaki in a long coat with an animal pattern is with a young child wearing a white shirt, dark pants and sneakers. Holding hands.

The post was also accompanied by the message, “May the road leading to you be full of light.”

On the same day, a video with an emoji saying “Why only I stumble where no one stumbles” was released. While Mr. Hamasaki in a black mask is walking through the exhibition of “TeamLab”, he stumbled in the dimly lit exhibition and suddenly blew out.

Hamasaki revealed that he stayed at a hotel in Tokyo on February 21st with his two sons and three pet dogs.

As “an oasis in the middle of Tokyo, which is too friendly for children and pets, I love it very much”, the chocolate dessert of “Peninsula Bear” that my sons were absorbed in, and the Peninsula costume with the names of three pet dogs embroidered. The photo was open to the public.

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