bad news for anyone waiting for season 2 on Netflix

The filming of season 2 of Ginny & Georgia had been delayed by the Covid pandemic. A year and a half after season 1, fans are impatiently awaiting the continuation of this series acclaimed by the public!

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A year and a half after the first episodes, fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 of Ginny & Georgia on Netflix. So inevitably, they were disappointed by the announcement on Instagram of the showrunner of the series last weekend. Sarah Lampert shared on the comedy-drama’s official behind-the-scenes account a photo taken from inside the editing room where new episodes are still being post-produced with the caption: “We are so close to the goal that I can feel it.” What seemed like good news to her was met with disappointment by many fans of Ginny & Georgia. “Please tell me we won’t have to wait too long”wrote one of them. “OMG how much longer do we have to wait? Give us a preview, trailer or date… I’ve already watched season 1 more than 3 times”, commented another. The official Instagram account of Ginny & Georgia announced the end of filming in May, after a fairly significant delay due to the pandemic. If the series is in post-production, we can expect season 2 by the end of the year or at the very beginning of 2023.

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Ginny & Georgia : a series on adolescence, but not only

Ginny Miller, an awkward teenager, often feels more mature at 15 than her 30-something mother, the bubbly and irresistible Georgia Miller. After years on the run, Georgia longs to settle down permanently in picturesque New England to offer her family what they never had: a normal life. But things get complicated when Georgia’s past threatens their new life…and Georgia will do anything to protect her family.

Ginny & Georgia : what can we expect from season 2?

Season 1, which was watched by over 52 million member households in its first 28 days, ended in a major cliffhanger that saw Ginny flee and Georgia’s wedding put on hold, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats. As for the second season, Georgia interpreter Brianne Howey revealed that season 2 begins “soon after season 1, so we’re picking up where we left off, which is really exciting.”

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