bad news for VOO customers who had this subscription…

This is bad news if you are a customer and have a Zuny Internet subscription. The operator decided to remove the TV series included in this subscription, because they were not watched enough by customers.

By May 1, 2023, series like “The Last of Us” and other HBO productions will disappear from the offer. Very bad news for Zuny customers, the VOO sub-brand.

It was in an email addressed to his customers that Zuny shared the bad news. “We stop the series: we explain everything to you! “, were able to read the customers. “Why these changes? The economic context has prompted us to reduce our costs in order to be able to continue to offer you an Internet subscription at the best value for money,” says Zuny.

“Between guaranteeing low-cost internet for all of our Zuny customers OR offering a catalog of series that was only consulted by a small minority… We were forced to make this difficult decision”, adds the supplier.

Zuny specifies: “The series were only rarely watched by our customers, even by charging them, unfortunately this did not allow us to keep our promise, which was not to increase our prices for the whole of 2023”. You will therefore have to say goodbye to the series if you are a Zuny customer!

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