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A weekend of full sun and then the clear change of pace. This is the picture outlined by Colonel Mario Giuliacci, who in an article published on meteogiuliacci.it previewed what weather we can expect for the upcoming week. “It will be a weekend worthy of June! Temperatures will reach 25-27 degrees throughout the Po Valley and peaks of up to thirty in the Centre-South in the interior far from the sea”, the expert stated. But we must not delude ourselves because from next week “everything changes” and an “unexpected phase of bad weather and cold” arrives.

The heat strikes again.  Giuliacci: Temperatures will skyrocket, where

A first change will be noticed on Monday 15 April, when “a slight drop in geopotentials will bring some showers and temperatures 4/5 degrees lower”. From Tuesday, however, we will be talking about cold weather. The reason? “The North Atlantic air will cross the Alps” and “very cold winds” will put the Italians to the test. “Acute phase of bad weather” throughout Italy starting from Wednesday 17th. “The cold air should involve more of the Adriatic and partly the South. In this area there could be widespread rainfall”, added Giuliacci.

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