Badr al-Zama was given a gift of unity Badr Alzama was presented with the gift of Oruma

KUWAIT CITY: KIG President PT Sharif handed over the gift of Oruma Social Security Project to Badr Al-Zamak, a leading clinic in Kuwait, which cooperates with Oruma. KIG President Pt. Sharif, General Secretary Firoz Hameed, Oruma Chairman C.P. Nizam, C.K. Apart from Najeeb, Badr Alsama Board of Directors members Dr. Muhammad PA, Abdul Latif, CEO Dr. Saratchandra and Branch Manager Abdul Razzaq.

Oruma members get 20 percent discount on clinical dermatology and cosmetology and dental department during badr time. A 10 percent discount in the injection category is also available for Oruma members at Badr Alsama.

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