Baim Wong Reveals Miscarriage of Wife Paula Verhoeven, Cancels Pilgrimage: Full Explanation

2023-06-10 15:02:46


Baim Wong revealed that the reason for canceling the pilgrimage was because Paula Verhoeven had a miscarriage. Baim also hid the story from several close people.

In his Instagram account, Baim Wong shows chat with Paula Verhoeven. Paula was seen wearing a respirator tube and reported that she had just realized.

“Pretend that I don’t go to Hajj because of this. I have never told anyone, even to those closest to me, because we don’t want to be pitied. I’m afraid your opinions will go everywhere regarding this pilgrimage, let’s just say Allah failed me to go to take care of my wife who had a miscarriage, ” wrote Baim Wong in his Instagram account, Saturday (10/6/2023).

Baim Wong provides a detailed explanation on his YouTube channel. Baim Wong showed himself already in the banda with his two children without Paula Verhoeven accompanying him. Even his first child, Keanu, did not want to be separated from his arms.

Then, Baim Wong was seen to have entered the plane. However, Baim Wong again got off the plane and returned.

Baim Wong in the video explains that the time is not right and has not been his sustenance for this year’s pilgrimage.

“On the night we left, when we were being worked on (surgery), the timing was to think about family circumstances. God willing, there would be time to leave again,” said Baim Wong in a video on his YouTube channel.

It turned out that even Baim Wong’s personal driver did not know that Paula Verhoeven was in the hospital. He even wondered what caused Baim Wong to return home.

“The timing was like this. Yes, you already know what happened. Apart from that, we can’t talk about details. We don’t need to tell what actually happened, how come I got out of the plane. There’s too much that doesn’t need to be told,” said Baim Wong.

“The most important thing is why do all of this together. It’s a pity to leave (Paula and the children) for a month in such a condition,” he said.

Baim Wong only begged Paula Verhoeven to recover. He also prayed that there would be another opportunity to go on pilgrimage.

“Pray for Paula to get well soon, hopefully there will be another opportunity for me to go on pilgrimage. If my dream has gone my way, Papa’s will to go there. Please pray for Paula,” said Baim Wong.

Previously met at Tanah Kusir, South Jakarta, Thursday (8/6/2023) Baim Wong said Paula Verhoeven was indeed unwell. Therefore, Nagita Slavina to Zaskia Sungkar came to visit.

At that time, Baim Wong denied that Paula was sick because he had canceled the pilgrimage. The father of two only said his wife was exhausted.

Watch Video “Paula Verhoeven Miscarriage, Baim Wong: Ask for Prayer Yes
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