Balenciaga 2023 Spring Summer Sports Shoes 3XL Trainers More Color Matching Released

Balenciaga Release variant shoes 3XL Trainer Mule After that, this time, the Instagram account will show you the 2023 summer series sneakers through @demnagram「3XL Trainers」More colorways, including a Muddy iteration inspired by the big show’s muddy fields.

as「The Mud Show」One of the main shoes, as the model soaked the foot in the thick mud, the bold silhouette of the running shoe was inspired by this, and gradually merged with the mud element, as if the soil dried and hardened between the fibers of the fabric , the splashed mud design at the toe, etc., but interestingly, the knotted laces wrapped around the toe were not stained at the same time.

It is not yet clear whether the above-mentioned Muddy iteration 3XL Trainers shoes will be sold, but the price may be higher than the £830 of the original commercial version. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

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