Tiroler Tageszeitung, editorial, issue of March 19, 2023. By PETER NINDLER. “Love, Peace and Green Cactus”.

Innsbruck (OTS) The new green state spokesman Gebi Mair clearly felt the thorns of his critics at the state assembly.

With less than 70 percent for the new state spokesman Gebi Mair, nothing can be sugarcoated. Some Greens would have liked to say a hallelujah, but it got stuck in their throats. Since the top candidate election last year, the supporters and opponents of the green club boss Gebi Mair have been too irreconcilable. This was noticeable at the state assembly in Telfs. It crackled. It is true that Mair’s critics did not verbally settle accounts with him on the open stage, but simply deleted him in rows. In the knowledge that this not only weakens the new “party leader”, but the Tyrolean Greens as a whole.
Since the election in September, they have eke out a meager existence as the fifth strongest force in the state parliament. The Fritz list has not only overtaken the eco-party in socio-political terms. When FPÖ party chairman Markus Abwerzger speaks of the Greens’ “self-destruction trip”, he is of course exaggerating excessively, but Abwerzger hits a nerve in public perception. The Greens publicly moralize with unity, solidarity, “Love, Peace and Rock ‘n’ Roll”, but they themselves behave in a self-opinionated, complacent and unforgiving manner.
Why didn’t anyone stand up and run against Mair, who was accused of being an egomaniac? Where are all the green moralizers hiding who mainly explain the world to us with prohibitions but prefer to act as political snipers from behind? Mair’s ability to suffer is admirable, the green navel gazing is obviously not over yet. At the state assembly, however, they did not ask themselves how the Greens intend to win elections again.

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