Banco Sabadell announces a new ERO that will affect all the institution’s work centers

Banco Sabadell sign above the Alicante building, where it has been decided to move the institution’s headquarters

The Banco Sabadell has announced a new one this Monday Employment Regulation File (ERO) that will affect all the work centers of the entity. In a statement sent to the union sections, the company also specified that the procedure will involve changes in staff working conditions and in geographic mobility. However, he did not specify the total number of people affected. Trade unions such as Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) have already shown their rejection of the file, recalling that the entity signed an agreement last December that led to the voluntary departure of 1,800 employees. In this sense, they say they will defend the employment of the entire staff and that affiliation to the ERO is “entirely voluntary.”

Consulted by the ACN, the entity says that early retirements will be prioritized and voluntary departures, preventing traumatic measures from being taken. On the other hand, he points out that one will be promoted relocation plan to facilitate the reintegration into the labor market of dismissed workers. The company is expected to announce the impact of the dossier on September 2, in a meeting to be held with the unions.

The measure is part of the strategic plan presented last May by the CEO of Banco Sabadell, César González Bueno, which includes adjustments of about 100 MEUR until the first half of 2022. In addition to the reduction in staff, the entity also expects a transformation of its ‘retail’ banking model and achieve profits of around 700 MEUR by 2023.

Rejection of unions

The unions believe that there is no reason for the bank to consider an ERO. Beyond the 1,800 voluntary departures that took place at the end of 2020, Workers’ Commissions recalls that the entity has hired more than 200 people this year, a fact that shows that “more staff is needed.”

The same union defends that the ERO it responds neither to economic causes nor to technical reasons, as Sabadell earned 220 MEUR during the first half and plans to distribute dividends when the stock rises. Nor does he attribute this to productive causes, as they consider the demand for financial products and services has not varied, nor to organizational causes, while arguing that workloads have increased despite digitization.

The union also emphasizes that there is always the possibility of reaching agreements through early retirement and retirements with much of the workforce. According to data provided by CCOO, about 2,000 workers are over 55 years old.

Third ERO of 2021

The ERO of Sabadell would be the third largest record in the banking sector this 2021. The first was that of BBVA, which led to the departure of 2,935 workers throughout the state. Of these, 1,001 were concentrated in Catalonia.

The second was that of CaixaBank, the largest in the history of the financial sector in Spain. In July, management and unions reached an agreement for the departure of 6,452 in the State, of which 608 corresponded to Catalonia.


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