“BanG Dream Girl Band Party”×hololive event will start next week | 4Gamers

“BanG Dream Girl Orchestra Party” officially announced the details of the cooperation with Vtuber brand hololive in the live broadcast yesterday.

“Poppin’Party x Tokino Sora”, “Palettes x Palettes x Akua Minato”, “Hello, Happy World! , “Bona Petite ♡ S”.



The entire online event will run from October 22 to November 16. During this period, there will be cooperative activities, cooperative card pools, cooperative songs, cooperative costumes, time-limited scenes, etc. In the game, there will be a common cover song and MV for the above three combinations.





In the live part, we also did a hololive three-person confrontation activity. The total scores of the above three songs were compared. The three will first live on their own channels twice, and finally on November 5th on “BanG Dream” Youtube The main channel will do the finals.


If you are completely hit by this cooperation, you may also have to consider the physical surroundings. At 2 pm on October 22, Taiwan time, both the official mall of Bushido and the official mall of Craft Egg will start pre-purchasing the surroundings.


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