“Barcelona Considering Tournaments in Asia as UEFA Investigation Looms”

2023-05-02 11:00:10

While FC Barcelona is under threat of a sanction from UEFA due to the Negreira scandal, the Catalan media ensured on Tuesday that the Blaugrana club would consider playing tournaments outside the Old Continent. Asia would be targeted in particular.

Barca are already thinking about their counterattack. While risking a sanction from UEFA because of the Negreira affair, with the threat of exclusion from the Champions League, the Blaugrana club are currently examining the different options available to them. him if the ax falls.

According to Catalan television TV3, Barcelona leaders are currently exploring the possibility of playing friendly matches and participating in tournaments as a guest club outside European borders in order to compensate for the loss of earnings from an absence from the Champions League. In this perspective, the Asian championships would be particularly targeted.

TV3 also reports that, in the event of a sanction from La Liga and the impossibility of playing in the Spanish championship, integrating another European championship could be an option.

UEFA has opened an investigation

UEFA is closely monitoring the proceedings against the club for having paid more than seven million euros to Enriquez Negreira, when the latter held the position of vice-president of the Technical Committee for Referees (CTA).

However, the UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee considered that there were sufficient arguments to proceed quickly with the opening of an investigation, in accordance with article 31.4 of its regulations. According ASUEFA could even override its own ethics and disciplinary committee to sanction Barça and deprive it of the Champions League for a year.

Catalan justice prosecuted the club and its former administrators for “unfair administration, corruption in business in its sporting modality and false documents”. The investigating judge of the Barcelona court thus followed the position of the public prosecutor’s office according to which the payments to the vice-president of the CTA were directed so that Negreira carried out “actions tending to favor the FCB in the decision-making of the referees in the matches played by the club, and therefore in the results of competitions”.

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