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On the eve of the “Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”, the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, issued a statement stating that action to contain the epidemic is the “basic pastoral duty of the church.”

(Vatican News Network) The Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, issued a statement on the eve of the “Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”, stating that “we must pray for the rapid overcoming of the consequences of the health crisis, and we also pray that the people in power all over the world will be freed “The enlightenment from above” is no longer stubborn on the planning principles of economic life, production and consumption implemented before the epidemic, and the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources.

The statement specifically mentioned the reasons that led to the spread of the new crown virus. It is hoped that pseudo-scientific views on the dangers of the new crown vaccine and inappropriate underestimation of the severity of this disease will not be spread. The patriarch wrote, “Unfortunately, there are similar arguments spreading about climate change, its causes and its fatal consequences. The facts are completely different and a sense of responsibility is required.”

Regarding the spread of the new crown virus, Bartholomew I mentioned that taking action to contain the epidemic during this difficult period is the “basic pastoral duty of the church.” He emphasized that “the clear moral order also lies in supporting universal vaccination against the new crown virus, which must first be spread to the poorest people”.

Therefore, the Patriarch of Constantinople believes that “the slowness is incredible” when “aware of the great common challenges facing mankind”. He clearly emphasized that “indifferent to our suffering brothers and sisters, and ignoring the destruction of the’so beautiful’ created world, is an insult to God and a violation of his commandments. It is in respect of creation and the’beloved of God’. Where people cherish true love, God is there”.

Not long ago, climate change led to a series of strong atmospheric phenomena. Catastrophic flooding and large-scale fires plagued many parts of the world. Just like the new crown epidemic, these have brought serious social and economic consequences. Faced with this reality, Bartholomew I also noticed that restrictions on the movement of people and forced restrictions on biomechanical products reduced pollutants, which shows that “the teaching about the interconnectedness of all things in the world is of great significance.” .

Speaking of the efforts of the Catholic Church of Constantinople in this regard, Bartholomew I stated that a formal committee of theologians was appointed, the task of which was to “prepare a document on the impact of our faith on society and the Orthodox Church’s The social mission and testimony of the contemporary world”. The title of the document is “Promoting the Life of the World: Towards the Principles of Social Life of the Orthodox Church”, and it has been approved by the “Our Holy and Holy Conference”.

Bartholomew I mentioned that “behaviour towards the environment and the recognition of the sacredness of human beings have promoted the rituals to be held one after the other. These are the most important dimensions of the church’s thanksgiving.” He finally emphasized that “the life of the church is a real respect for the creation, as well as the places and methods of people and the culture of solidarity and mutual assistance.”

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