Basil Aswad reveals his relationship with the artist, Dana Jabr, and comments: “Sweet Beginnings” (video) – Mada Post

Basil Aswad reveals his relationship with the artist Dana Jabr and comments: “Sweet Beginnings” (video)

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The Syrian artist, Basil Aswad, appeared in a short interview with the Yalla Trend platform, during which he revealed his emotional attachment to his fellow artist. Algebra expertwho recently stated that she was engaged to a Syrian artist born in Capricorn, without revealing his identity.

Guessing the name of Habib Dana Jabr was not difficult, as she always publishes her photos with the artist Yazan al-Sayed or the artist Basil Aswad, knowing that she has a deep friendship with al-Sayed and his wife, businesswoman Lama Rahwanji.

It is worth noting that the two brothers of the singers, Shadi Aswad and Hadi Aswad, have a beautiful voice, and Lila Trend has stated that he loves the field of singing more than the field of acting through which he was known.

Basil Aswad .. Who is he?

The artist, Basil Aswad, is 31 years old. He has a beautiful voice, but he has not yet presented himself as a singer. He justified this by saying that acting took him the past two years, as he participated in the Fatah Al-Andalus series recently.

Whoever listens to Basil’s voice, feels that it is a mixture of the voice of his two brothers, Shadi and Hadi Aswad, and he commented on this, saying: “By God, I can see my condition in them, God willing, so that something will be done by my brothers.”

Aswad believes that people love him for their love for his two brothers, noting that their remarkable handsomeness they inherited from their father.

His relationship with Dana Gabr

The artist, Basil Aswad, was asked about the fact that he was emotionally associated with the artist, Dana Gabr. At first, he tried to deny the matter and contented himself with declaring that they were friends. He said about her: “Dandona is the beloved of my heart above all.”

Aswad was also asked about his opinion of love, and he said: “According to Amr Diab’s words: Sweet beginnings,” and wished that his relationship with Jabr would continue indefinitely.

It is noteworthy that the duo Aswad and Jabr traveled together to Dubai, and it was remarkable the extent of the harmony between them, which appeared in photos and videos that they published on their official accounts on social networking sites.

annoying follower

The artist Basil Aswad revealed a message he received from one of his followers, asking him in an unpleasant way about his source of livelihood; Being a young man living a luxurious life in Dubai.

Aswad confirmed that he does not comment on such messages and comments, praying to God to provide for the followers and provide for him, explaining without details that he has a private source of income away from art.

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