Baskov spoke about the long-awaited replenishment in the family

The day before, the artist’s cat, Chanel, gave birth to two kittens.

Nikolai Baskov. Photo: Global Look Press

In 2020 Nikolay Baskov got a pet. The artist named the Scottish fold cat breed Chanel and literally doted on her, filling social networks with photos of his favorite.

A year and a half later, Chanel gave birth to kittens. Nikolai spoke about this joyful event in his telegram channel, posting footage with the kids.

“Milota is going wild,” the Basques signed the footage, and behind the scenes he could not contain his emotions.

“Finally! It’s done! You are my sweet, you are my beauty. Such sweet two kittens. My God! You can look at it endlessly, ”the singer is touched.

Fans shared the joy of the “natural blond”.

“Congratulations on the addition! She herself was only recently a kitten! Kolya, thanks for the video. Chanelka is beautiful and the kittens are just a miracle!” — wrote netizens.

Knownthat Nikolai Baskov is so attached to his favorite that he even hired a nanny for her. This is all in case that fluffy does not suffer when he is on tour.

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