Battle Pass 2022 – Guide To Complete Week 7 Weekly Quests

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you complete Week 7 Weekly Quests with the 2022 Battle Pass.

Battle Pass 2022 has opened its doors to the Dota 2 community with new weekly quests, Cavern Crawl challenges, and other exclusive items. You can participate in Battle Pass 2022 by playing Dota 2 matches to earn Battle Points every week.

Weekly Quests are tactical challenges meant to push you to your limits while playing the massively multiplayer game. Week 7 of the Weekly Quests has several feats that can be completed using strength heroes. You can choose strength heroes who are durable in battles and deal huge amounts of physical damage to complete these weekly quests with Battle Pass 2022 in Dota 2.

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Click Harder – Win 8 matches as a Strength Hero

People who excel at playing tank heroes can donate click harder One-hit weekly quest. You can play as a force hero to protect your teammates from incoming damage while they take out enemy heroes.

You can earn a star for the click harder Weekly quest by winning 2 games as a Strength hero. Win 4 games as a Force hero to earn 2 stars and win 8 games to get 3 stars for the weekly quest. Here are the best force heroes you can play to complete the click harder Weekly quest.

The flower

Kunkka is a sea ​​admiral. The Force hero can use his abilities to hunt down heroes, deal devastating damage to a large area around him, and stun his enemies. He has 680 HP and 291 mana at the start of the game, giving him plenty of health to take on enemy heroes in the lane.

The melee hero has base stats of 24 Strength, 18 Intelligence, and 14 Agility. He gains 3.8 Strength per level to increase his chances of surviving the craziest battles in Dota 2. Kunkka has a base movement speed of 315 which allows him to chase his opponents before they can escape a fight of team.

He has a base armor of 4.3 and a base attack damage of 50-60. Kunkka can summon torrents at any location to lift enemy units off the ground. Torrent deals 320 damage to all units within a 225 radius. Enemy units hit by Torrent have their movement speed reduced by 40% for up to 4 seconds. It also stuns enemies for 1.6 seconds. Torrent has a 10 second cooldown and consumes 100 mana.

You can max Torrent before the first 10 minutes of the game for an early advantage in teamfights. Dota 2 players can purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter for the Strength hero to learn Torrent Storm. You can use the new ability, Torrent Storm, to summon Torrents at random locations around Kunkka within a 1100 radius.

Take at least one level of X Marks The Spot before reaching level 6. You can use X Marks The Spot to send allies and enemy heroes back to a particular location. This can help you time Torrent and its ult effectively in battles.

Tidebringer is a passive ability that grants bonus physical damage to Kunkka. Damage dealt by Tidebringer is spread across all enemy units within a 1100 radius. Tidebringer can deal up to 120 additional damage per hit. It has a 4 second cooldown.

Ghostship, her ultimate, causes Kunkka to deal 600 damage to enemy units within a 425 radius. Allies hit by the Ghostship gain movement speed and take reduced damage for 10 seconds. It has a 60 second cooldown and needs 225 mana to cast. You can summon 3 Ghostships with his ult after reaching level 25 via the talent tree.

You can purchase Heaven’s Halberd for Kunkka to make him incredibly effective against ranged heroes. Heaven’s Halberd provides 20 Strength, 20% Evasion, and 16% Status Resistance. It also boosts the Health and Lifesteal regeneration rate of its users. Kunkka can use Heaven’s Halberd to disarm enemy heroes, preventing them from attacking their allies.

Heaven’s Halberd can disarm ranged heroes for 5 seconds and disarm melee heroes for 3 seconds. Disarm has an 18 second cooldown and requires 100 mana. Heaven’s Halberd will cost you 3550 in-game gold.

Daedalus is a powerful item that deals 88 attack damage to Kunkka. The melee hero will have a 30% chance to deal 225% more damage with their physical attacks. Daedalus costs 5150 gold in Dota 2. Tidebringer and Daedalus together can be a destructive force in matches. You can equip Heaven’s Halberd and Daedalus on Kunkka to complete the click harder Weekly quest during week 7 of Battle Pass 2022.


Underlord is a formidable Force hero who can nuke enemies to drain their health. He has 700 HP and 279 Mana after being spawned in the game. He has a base attack damage of 62-68, allowing him to take the final hits effortlessly to earn gold.

The melee hero has a base armor of 5 and a base movement speed of 290. He has 25 strength, 17 intelligence, and 12 agility stats. He gains 3 Strength per level, increasing his durability over time in the game.

People who like to play support heroes can choose Underlord for a smooth moment in Dota 2. He can cast Firestorm to bring down multiple waves of fire and deal damage. Firestorm summons 6 waves of fire that deal up to 90 damage per wave in a 425 radius. It also deals a portion of max health as burn damage for up to 2 seconds. Firestorm has a 12 second cooldown and consumes 140 mana.

You can root enemy heroes for up to 1.8 seconds with Pit of Malice. It has a 15 second cooldown and requires 140 mana to use. You can bombard enemies with Firestorm immediately after using Pit of Malice to trap opponents within 400 radius.

underlord may destroy waves of goosebumps with Firestorm. The Force hero gains 8 damage per creep that dies around Underlord with Atrophy Aura effects. If a hero dies within 900 radius of Underlord, they take up to 45 damage per hero for 75 seconds.

His ult, Fiend’s Gate, can be used to teleport allies to a specific location. Allied Heroes that pass through Fiend’s Gate take reduced damage and have their movement speed increased for 7 seconds. Friend’s Gate has a 100 second cooldown and requires 100 mana. You can use Fiend’s Gate to take out enemy structures, such as barracks, to gain the upper hand over your opponents. It can also be used to run away from teamfights after losing most of your health.

Rod of Atos can help Underlord hold opponents in place to deal maximum damage with Firestorm. Underlord gains 12 Strength, 24 Intelligence and 12 Agility from Rod of Atos. The melee hero can cast Cripple to immobilize enemy units for 2 seconds using the item. Cripple has an 18 second cooldown and needs 50 mana.

Spirit Vessel is an item that can make Underlord a vicious hero in Dota 2. You can buy Spirit Vessel for 2980 gold in game. Force hero will gain 250 health, 2 armor, 2 strength, 2 agility , 2 intelligence and 1.75 mana regeneration with Spirit Vessel.

You can use Soul Release with Spirit Vessel to deal 35 damage to enemy units for 8 seconds. Soul Release can also be used on allies to heal them for 40 health per second. Soul Release gains a charge each time a hero dies within 1400 range of its users.

Nuke enemies repeatedly with Firestorm and drain their health over time using Spirit Vessel to achieve victory in Dota 2. These spells and items can be used to complete the click harder Weekly quest by winning more games as Underlord.

Stick It To You – Consume 250 Staff Charges

Magic Stick is a life-saving early game item in Dota 2. It costs 200 gold and can be purchased right after you spawn in the game. Magic Stick gains an energy charge each time a hero enemy uses a spell within 1200 range of its users.

You can earn a star for the Stick It To You weekly quest by consuming 20 stick charges. People need to use 75 staff charges for 2 stars and a total of 250 charges to get 3 stars. It may take more than 5 games to get 3 stars for the Stick it to you Weekly quest. Take a look at these strength heroes that can help you complete the Stick it to you challenge during week 7.

sand king

Sand King stuns enemies with Burrowstrike

Obtaining a Magic Stick can help you neutralize enemies with multiple instances of Burrowstrike within 5 minutes of playing. Burrowstrike takes 140 mana to use. It deals 280 damage and stuns targets for 2.2 seconds. You can also gain extra charges for Magic Stick without getting hit while staying hidden with Sand Storm.


Tiny is a melee hero who needs more mana to cast Avalanche and Toss together. Avalanche deals 300 damage to enemy units in a 400 radius. It has a 14 second cooldown and requires 120 mana. Casting requires 140 mana and deals 300 damage to targeted enemies.

Scour the map to get as many charges for Magic Stick while hunting victims with Tiny. You can equip Tiny with Magic Stick on some games to accomplish the Stick it to you Weekly quest.

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