Bayer’s Role in Agropharmaceuticals: Chemistry, Sustainability, and Investment in Morocco

2023-06-12 12:23:21

As an agropharmaceutical player, what role does chemistry play in your industry?

BAYER is an international agropharmaceutical group whose core businesses are health and agriculture. Every day, at Bayer, we work towards our vision of bringing health to all and eradicating hunger. We are making remarkable progress in health and agriculture to enable every individual to lead a longer, healthier and more dignified life. The group deploys its efforts to provide products and services designed to meet the challenges of a growing and aging world population, in terms of health and agriculture. As a major player in the chemical industry, we highlight our expertise and our achievements in order to strengthen and promote our commitment to sustainable development, social responsibility and health and food sovereignty.

Can you tell us about the investments planned by Bayer as part of the Nouaceur site expansion project and the objectives in terms of social and environmental responsibility?

We are planning major investments for the expansion of the Nouaceur production site – the only BAYER Consumer Health production site in Africa – thus establishing a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing centre. We are proud to continue our investments in Morocco to strengthen our production and meet the needs of the pharmaceutical market, in particular by producing effervescent tablets, such as painkillers and vitamins, as well as solid forms such as antacids. As part of our exports, we contribute to the development of “Made in Morocco” in more than 40 countries by targeting priority markets in the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa and Europe. Our goal is to export our vitamins to these regions, particularly to low-income consumers, by offering unit formats (1 tablet and 2 tablets). We aim to multiply the workforce of our site by 4, thus contributing to the economic and social development of the country. We aim to make Morocco a hub of production and expertise in agriculture and health through our Crop Science, Consumer Health and Pharma divisions.

Can you tell us about Bayer’s footprint in Morocco and its sustainable development projects in the country?

Bayer has been a major player in Morocco for more than 62 years, with a strong commitment to sustainable development. In terms of sustainable development, we have allocated a budget of more than 700,000 euros between 2021 and 2023 to support NGOs and non-profit associations. Our projects focus on social innovation, women’s empowerment, inclusion and diversity, as well as the environment and digital innovation. We have thus contributed to the projects of the Fondation du Sud, the WIMEN association and TIBU Africa, to improve access to medical care, train in good agricultural practices, promote the empowerment of women and support health education. young girls through sport, and set up patient follow-up programs with university hospitals. We are also deploying public-private partnerships with UM6P and OCP with the Startups Farming Innovation Program acceleration program to stimulate investment and the development of digital solutions. In partnership with OCP’s Moustatmir program, we transfer our expertise in plant protection and good agricultural practices to farmers. We have also supported the country by participating in the solidarity fund launched by His Majesty the King, by providing monetary donations and medicines worth more than 3 million dirhams during the pandemic.

What was the main objective of Bayer’s participation in the first edition of the International Chemistry Forum?

As an agropharmaceutical group in the chemical industry, we adhere to Morocco’s territorial strategy and investment charter. We value innovation, employability and the transfer of expertise in order to contribute to the country’s health and food sovereignty, but also to develop our exports and promote Made In Morocco. We participated in the first International Chemistry Forum to promote exchanges and business in this sector. The panel on the pharmaceutical industry, in which we participated, highlighted the role of chemistry in agriculture and health, but also the importance that innovation will play for health and food for all.

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