BCI deactivates more than a thousand TPAs ​​with uncertain location and lack of locks – news

BCI’s total assets jumped from 719 billion Kz in December 2022 to 781 billion Kwanzas in June of the current year. However, the commercial network decreases

The Bank of Commerce and Industry (BCI) deactivated 1,123 automatic payment terminals (TPAs) of registered customers from December 2022 to June 2023. Until the first half of this year, BCI had registered 1,623 TPAs, below the 2,746 registered in December 2022, as shown by data from this financial institution’s first semester report, which points to a drop of 41%.

Speaking to OPAÍS, a source linked to the bank explained that this reduction occurs because there are many cases of TPAs ​​in uncertain locations, as well as due to the high number of failures in account closings. Therefore, the bank opted to cancel these machines, in order to force the owners to regularize the situation.

On the other hand, data from the BCI’s semi-annual report indicates an increase of 25 billion kwanzas in impairments linked to credit to customers, jumping from just over 50 billion kwanzas in December 2022, to 75.6 billion of kwanzas in June 2023.

Asked about this, the source linked to the bank’s management explained that this is a bank strategy, as it is better to define it as impairment and work to see if it can be recovered and, if successful, improve the bank’s performance, rather than turn to the side and pretend nothing is happening. The source went further and said that the bank’s experience means that one should not have illusions and always choose to play it safe.

Net Profit of 22% Meanwhile, the net profit (NR) increased by around 220%, compared to December last year, standing at 20 billion kwanzas in June 2023, which makes the Bank of Commerce and Industry more efficient compared to past times.

In addition to the increase in RL, there are other aspects to highlight as positive, such as the number of customers that increased by more than 129 thousand in six months, jumping from 737 thousand and 645 registered in December 2022, to 866 thousand and 885 in June 2023. Another good news for customers and the financial system in general, which indicates positive management, is the increase of more than 100% in the financial margin. It jumped from 4 billion to 8.4 billion.

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The winds point to an increase of more than 100% in the financial margin, having jumped from 4 billion to 8.4 billion in the period in question. In addition, the operating cost, or what is spent to keep the bank running, fell by 9 billion kwanzas, which represents a reduction of 49% compared to the previous semester. Total assets jumped from 719 billion kwanzas in December to 781 billion kwanzas in June of the current year. The situation is identical to that of own funds, which in December were set at 36 million kwanzas, but in June they were already around 42 million kwanzas, growing, as the document reveals, 19%.

89 employees

In the period in question, the number of branches of this bank fell from 63, which was registered in December 2022, to 53 in June 2023, as well as reducing the number of employees by 89 in an interval of six months. In December 2022, BCI employed 539 employees, but in June 2023, the number fell to 450 employees, according to data in the report. Data from Banco BCI indicates that there are more women than men on its list of employees. Of the 450 employees, 51% are women and 49% are men.

BY: Ladislau Francisco

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