Galaxy Tab A9: New tablet also comes in a kids edition

2023-12-11 12:00:39

Samsung is also releasing the Galaxy Tab A9 in a version for children, which is primarily intended to score points with child-friendly accessories. The software used is also available on other Samsung devices.

The Galaxy Tab A9 in the Kids Edition stands out visually with a case and a crayon for the tablet. (Source: Samsung) Samsung is releasing a special Kids Edition of the Galaxy Tab A9 and Galaxy Tab A9+ in Indonesia. This contains a case, stickers and a pen that resembles a crayon. When it comes to software, the manufacturer relies on its own Samsung Kids environment made for children.

The Galaxy Tab A9 and the Plus variant are the latest entries in Samsung’s A series, which are more suitable for a lower budget. Nevertheless, there are application scenarios for the tablets. We think they are suitable for surfing and video conferencing. Samsung also considers them suitable for children, albeit with a few adjustments.

Samsung Indonesia has one Press release published by the online magazine Sammobile was translated. Whether technology is actively encouraged among children is a question that parents answer very differently. The manufacturer is aware of this and tries to argue that the tablet can promote creativity and learning if children are monitored while using it.

These are the special features of the Kids Edition

It is not a completely new model. There is still a Galaxy Tab A9 in the box. However, accessories and stickers are included. A shockproof case should provide more security than a normal tablet. There is no S-Pen either. Instead, there is a pen that is modeled on a wax crayon. Nothing has changed inside compared to the other version.

With Samsung Kids, children get a controlled environment in which to use the tablet. With the pre-installed apps “Crocro”, “CookI”, “Lisa’s Music Band” and “Bobby’s Canvas” it is possible for children to playfully train critical thinking, paint, sing and dance. Parents can set screen time.

Many features are not exclusive

You don’t necessarily need the Galaxy Tab A9 or another Kids Edition tablet to use Samsung Kids. If you like the manufacturer’s offer, you will also have access to the environment and the pre-installed apps in other devices such as the Galaxy Tab S9. Samsung also shows you how exactly you can set this up in the video.

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So you can check on your Samsung device whether the environment for children is also included there.

Price and availability

In Indonesia, the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition can be pre-ordered from December 12th to 17th, 2023. The price for the basic version is IDR 3,299,000 (around 200 euros). The Galaxy Tab A9+ costs IDR 4,999,000 (around 300 euros). It is still unclear whether the edition will appear in Germany. You can also use Samsung Kids without the case and the crayon if you bought the tablet in Germany.

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