Be blunt! Gisel admits that he has different religions with his father

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Gisella Anastasia at last bluntly telling stories about her relationship with her father that she just revealed to the public for the first time.

This he revealed on Daniel Mananta’s YouTube page. In his confession, Gisel admitted that he was different religions with the father.

“Papa really is different beliefs, I don’t have to be a Christian either. It’s okay, “said Gisel.

“But, I always pray for Papa can know the figure of Jesus who I really love. The one who is full of compassion, who forgives me, who is gentle, “he continued.

Although he did not clearly state what religion his father professed, Gisel admitted that his relationship with his father was not as harmonious as the relationship between children and parents in general.

“Maybe I used to treat he’s with, I’m not lacking, just rich maybe rich looked him in the eye sometimes. Now I’m learning to change. Again learning to love him. Just fill it out. Just keep on filling in the hope that he will know Christ, know love, “he explained with tears in his eyes.

Gisel also said that his parents’ marriage not going smoothly. However, they continue to stay together for the sake of the child.

“If mom and dad are still together. With everything the storm of life and all kinds of them, they are of different religions too, “he said.

Reflecting on his parents’ household, Gisel did not want to end up like his father and mother must endure even though they hurt each other.

“I don’t want to ah end up like my parents should endure for me the story at that time indeed. If you are now older you are already legowo, okay? I also always pray that the relationship will continue to be improved, the better. It’s just me at that time, ‘I don’t wanna end up like them!‘, “he said.

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