bearbeary is ready to produce “eco-friendly jeans” in line with the sustainability trend.

2023-12-11 05:45:00

bearbeary is ready to produce “eco-friendly jeans” in line with the sustainability trend, aiming to produce 50% more eco-friendly products in 2024.

Ms. Wanisa Duangjinda, Chief Executive Officer of Bear Beary Group Co., Ltd., producer and distributor of Bear Beary jeans clothing, said that in 2024, the company will use its investment to double from this year to develop jeans clothing. that focuses on innovation Including releasing new products every festival, 8 models per month.

Including emphasizing up to 50% more sustainable products because it is seen as a global trend. and help save world resources from the production process of environmentally friendly raw materials This is in line with the behavior of current consumers who have turned their attention to this matter.

“We are considered a top jeans brand. that gives importance in this matter which is considered to start from a small point Then increase the number to make the brand more premium. The price will be approximately 2,500 baht from the normal product price of 1,800 baht.”

Ms. Wanisa said that from now on we will continue to focus on products that are fast fashion. Or products sell out quickly according to trends. and not too tight by starting to focus on targeting younger people from the age of 18 years and up or students. From the original target group aged 25 years and up to 60 years.

At the same time, we set a goal in 2024 to become a brand that is one of the top five in shopping centers, from one of the top 10 that currently have a total of 23 branches at Central and Robinson Department Stores, from this year opening 10 additional branches.

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As for Bearbeary’s success this year, it was found that after doing more marketing. Now sales are growing a lot. After going through Covid It has always received good response. Moreover, word of mouth has resulted in Bearbeary being more well known. which customers buy will be a group with purchasing power Notice that the total purchase amount per bill will range from 8,000-10,000 baht or more.

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