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2023-07-31 07:00:23

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First of all, it turns out differently and secondly than you think: On their first Lifeforce album “Eterno Rancor” they established themselves The best as an uncompromising grindcore wrecking ball with Portuguese lyrics. In the meantime, a cover EP was released, which deliberately tried to expand the musical horizon, and now the renewed, almost complete break in style follows. Short, brutal eruptions are exchanged for lengthy, sometimes complex death metal escapades with the obligatory wrecking ball, if „Earth In Detachment“ opens a new chapter.

The first harbinger “Sector Parasita” already showed that a lot has changed here. Still high tempo and noticeable brutality meet complex arrangements. Deathgrind, slightly intricate Death Metal and subtle hardcore approaches drive through marrow and bone in the best sense of the word, dismantle and disintegrate with growing enthusiasm. Paulo Rui sounds as hoarse and as angry as ever, the new musical environment suits him well. Only in “Transmissão Semântica”, an ominous, apocalyptic instrumental, certain lengths find their way. The dramatic finish has a certain value, but it wouldn’t have taken five and a half minutes.

However, it stays with this small sag, because all around Besta play their new, old class. A “Veias Em Catarse” is given the necessary space to develop freely, establishes its leitmotif in all its sluggishness, only to suddenly flip a switch and disassemble everything. Razor-sharp guitar solos, a biting groove and a renewed take-off in the final act know how to entertain. “A Colónia Dos Mentirosos” introduces more infernal-tinged melodies, giving the action a putrid and at the same time modern touch. The end of time is near, especially in the explosive final act.

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Besta dare a lot and win. If you disregard the somewhat strenuous departure, the third album by the Portuguese turns out to be a complete success. The course correction on “Terra Em Desapego” may surprise you, but it works great. Instead of continuing to follow familiar grind paths, you turn as much as possible upside down. More Death Metal, much more expansive song structures, but familiar themes and brutalities: Besta seem like another band at times, and exactly this blatant break turns out to be a complete success. What a steam hammer.

Rating: 8/10

Available from: 04.08.2023
Available through: Lifeforce Records (diaphragm)


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