“Behind the Scenes: Mona Zaki’s Journey on the Boat ‘Laila’ in Under Guardianship Series”

2023-04-23 13:25:00

Sunday, April 23, 2023 03:25 PM

A wonderful journey undertaken by the heroes of the series “under guardianshipBetween the ports of Egypt, but their journey inside the city of Damietta remains the most prominent station in the series, which witnessed most of the scenes of the work, most notably the period that the artist Mona Zaki lived on the deck of the boat “Laila”.

Mohamed Ashour, the owner of the boat, revealed the scenes of choosing the series’ makers for his boat, and said, “I received a call from the work team, telling me that I would receive them on my boat to film the action scenes.”

He added, “I was surprised by the artist Mona Zaki’s desire to do everything herself, and she continued on board the boat for 3 months until she was able to drive it.”

Regarding the realism of the work, he said that Mona Zaki was keen to eat meals with us for the sake of coexistence, so everything appeared very realistic.

And he continued his talk about the storage room, which witnessed the most prominent scenes of the series, and said, despite the cold temperature of the place, the artist, Mona Zaki, refused the doubler and went down to film herself.

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