Being praised as “beautiful girl”, Anson Lo is eager to put his heart into the game

Anson Lo was supported by a large number of “god disciples”.

The debut of Anson Lo, a member of the popular boy group MIRROR, was released. In the film, he played back and was praised as a “beautiful girl.” He felt that his hard work was not in vain. The premiere ticket was fired up to more than 1,000 yuan. .

The film “Fake Girl Group” starring Anson Lo, Su Haoer, Li Jingyi, Chen Zixuan, member of the men’s group ERROR 193, etc. held its premiere yesterday afternoon. More than hundreds of “god disciples” wearing pink shirts forced on-site support early in the morning Anson, the scene is ruined. The first time he took up the role of the actor in a movie, he expressed his nervousness and thanked for the support in front and behind the scenes. He felt very encouraged. He felt that the many months of hard work had not been in vain. He said with a smile that he was worried that the appearance of a male disguised as a female in the film would scare the audience. Fortunately, the outside reaction was positive. He laughed and said, “The most profound thing is that I played against Tan Yaowen. Yi Zhong praised me as a “beautiful girl” for women’s clothing!”

Asked if there is box office pressure? He said: “Don’t dare to think about the results, the audience is already happy to enter the venue, and it is a good memory to be able to work with several ladies.” For the premiere tickets were fired to more than 1,000 yuan, and even the beauty shop paid 20,000 yuan. The promotion of multiple gift sets in the form of a complaint was too expensive. He said: “It’s not the first time for me to speculate. I don’t know that Fans has to measure it by myself. In fact, except for the premiere, you can buy Fei for admission afterwards.”

193 Hard Selling Young Girl Doing Variety Show

Su Haoer said that compared with previous performances, there was no dialogue. This time she had great expectations and praised Anson’s beautiful women’s outfits. As for the role of 193 Xiaozhi, who plays director Xianshi, is difficult to play. Because of his integrity in reality, he talked about his sister Guo Jiaying being eliminated in “National Stars IV”. He said that his sister is suitable for variety show host. If other TV stations are interested in signing her, You can contact him.


Su Haoer has high hopes for the new film.


193 threatened that it would be difficult to pretend to be a “Director of Salty Wetness”.

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