Belgrade: a violent frontal collision with a bus leaves 4 injured

The shock, very violent, sent the car on the front of a house. The bus with the dislocated front was immobilized in the middle of the road.

Firefighters from the NAGE area of ​​the Namur substation went to the scene with a pumper, a marking vehicle and two ambulances as well as a Red Cross ambulance. The bus driver and two passengers were lightly injured and taken to hospital. The other passengers were examined by the rescuers.

The driver of the car was unharmed but his passenger, more seriously injured, was taken to the Namur CHR.

Police officers from Namur as well as agents from the TEC took charge of the findings. It was the repairman Degreef, from Flawinne, who removed the damaged bus while the repairman MD from Namur removed the wreckage of the Volkswagen.

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