Belief and imagination: Axel Hacke: God – a melancholy type of artist

Belief and imagination
Axel Hacke: God – a melancholy type of artist

Axel Hacke also sees God as a melancholy. Photo: Peter Kneffel / dpa

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God – creator and world ruler. Axel Hacke has a very specific idea of ​​the “man with the long beard”.

The columnist Axel Hacke has, by his own admission, retained a “naive children’s belief” in God, but cannot do anything with a long beard and clouds.

“I have always imagined God as a melancholy old man who is not really satisfied with his work and who is also a little disappointed with himself and asks himself: ‘What did I actually do wrong?'” Said Hacke German press agency.

In a certain way, one cannot be anything other than a believer, believes the author, who has been known for decades, among other things, for his columns in the “SZ-Magazin” and who will celebrate his 65th birthday on January 20th. «Well, the world in which we live has a secret. We don’t know how it came about, and why it came about, and why we are ultimately here. So there’s something we don’t know, ”said Hacke, explaining his belief.


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