Benefits of Eating Parchment Figs Before Bed: Expert Insights and Tips

2023-08-21 16:26:48

07:23 PM Monday, August 21, 2023

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Some people get used to eating parchment figs before going to bed at night, because they believe that consuming it at this time is more beneficial to the body, so is this true?

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Is fig parchomy before bed useful?

In this regard, Dr. Bahaa Naji, a clinical nutrition consultant, said that eating parchment figs before bed is one of the healthy eating habits of a person, but it is required not to overdo it.

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Naji identified the benefits of fig parchomycosis before going to sleep in the following points:

1- Prickly pear before bed helps to strengthen the immune system, because it provides the body with a good dose of vitamin C, which makes it more able to fight viruses and bacteria.

2- The parchment fig before going to sleep promotes the health of the digestive system, because it is rich in dietary fiber, which improves bowel movement and facilitates digestion and excretion.

3- The parchment fig before going to sleep is of great importance for the health of the heart and blood vessels, because it contains a high percentage of potassium, which contributes to stimulating blood circulation and controlling blood pressure.

4- Prickly pear before bed provides great protection against cancer, because it is one of the summer fruits rich in antioxidants.

5- Parchomy figs before going to bed reduce the risk of anemia, because it contains iron, which helps produce red blood cells, which are responsible for sending oxygen to all parts of the body.

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The therapeutic nutrition consultant pointed out that there are 3 ways to eat figs before going to sleep:

– Eat the fig parchomy alone.

Soak the figs in the water and drink the soaked.

– Eat parchomy figs next to a glass of warm milk.

Despite its benefits, he explained that there are categories that are prohibited from eating parchment figs before bedtime, namely:

– Diabetics, because figs threaten them with high blood sugar, because it contains a lot of sugars.

– Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, because the fructose sugar found in prickly pears is difficult for their stomachs to deal with, which exposes them to constipation, abdominal cramps and bloating.

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