Swimming Pool Accident: Man Sucked into Drain Hole at Zijinwan Happy Kingdom Water Park

2023-08-21 15:40:00

Lu Nan was accidentally sucked into the drain hole of the swimming pool. Even if the public helped him, he was still unable to recover. (Picture / Recap from Weibo / The Beijing News Our Video)

Watch out for the drain holes when swimming in the pool! Recently, a terrible “drain hole eating man” incident occurred in Taojiang County, Hunan Province. The man was happily playing in the pool, but was suddenly sucked into the drain hole. Although his friends immediately rescued him, even the public also joined in to help him. He was not breathing or had a heartbeat when he was rescued. At present, the water park involved in the case has been suspended, and the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation.

According to a report by the mainland media “Beijing News”, this unfortunate incident happened on the 19th. At the “Zijinwan Happy Kingdom” water park, a tourist died when he was accidentally sucked into a drain while playing in the pool. From the live video circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that the person concerned was wearing a dark swimsuit, and his lower body was suspected to be sucked by the drainage hole. Several tourists and staff surrounded him, shouting loudly and helping to pull people away. There were also many people watching on the shore. But when the man was rescued, he had lost his breathing and heartbeat, and passed away.

Many netizens were terrified by such a picture, and left messages such as “Several times of this kind of accident”, “Isn’t this the god of death (Taiwan translates as the end of life)”, “Who will take care of the water park, the water is not It’s clean and there’s no safety guarantee, and the ticket price is not cheap”, “Why don’t you use a block or buoy to block such a big hidden danger in advance”, “The drain of the swimming pool has a strong suction, which can suck the intestines out of the anus”, “ This kind of being sucked can’t escape.”

In this regard, Zijinwan Happy Kingdom also issued a closure notice, stating that “Zijinwan Happy Kingdom is currently closed due to equipment maintenance, and the recovery time is to be determined. Please pay attention to the official information for the specific opening time, and express our apologies for the inconvenience caused to tourists. Thank you for your understanding.” The details of the relevant accident are still under investigation and processing, and the follow-up disposal has not yet been announced.

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