Benko wants 19 million euros for his private jet

The Signa founder’s private jet, which belongs as a leasing aircraft to the group of companies surrounding the Laura Private Foundation founded by Benko and his mother, is for sale, reports the news magazine “Spiegel”.

The private jet is a Bombardier Global Express with the registration OE-IRB. In a sales brochure from mid-March, the details of the aircraft are listed on seven pages. However, the private jet should be sold “off-market”, i.e. discreetly, reports the news magazine.

Yacht sold for 25 million

Benko wants 19 million euros for the plane, the “Spiegel” quotes a person familiar with the plans. Finally, part of the money still has to be used to pay for the leasing. However, the plane was recently valued at only 16 million euros in the Laura Private Foundation’s documents.

A private foundation company has already sold the 62-meter-long yacht “Roma” for 25 million euros. However, neither Benko nor the foundation’s beneficiaries can currently access the money: due to the ongoing investigation, banks are currently reluctant to book the money into and from accounts that are connected to Benko or the family foundations. According to a lawyer representing Benko and the private foundation, the money was “properly credited” to the seller’s account, reports Spiegel.


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