Berbatov’s Experience Playing for Kerala Blasters: A Fan-Fueled Journey

2023-06-26 10:23:16

Mumbai: Dimitar Berbatov, the former player of Bulgaria, spoke openly about his experiences during his time playing in Kerala Blasters. Berbatov played for Kerala Blasters in the 2017 season of the Indian Super League. “The fans were in the stadium hours before the match. Even though we were in the dressing room, we could hear everything clearly. It can be said that the stadium in Kochi was shaking. I can’t find the right word to describe that experience,” Berbatov told a national media.

“During the match, even if I made a noise on the ground and talked, the player with me could not hear it. I lost five kilos while playing in India. But playing there was a great experience. “You can see only the Yellow Sea in the stadium,” Berbatov responded. Berbatov had tweeted against coach David James when he left the Blasters. Berbatov responded that everything was good at Blasters except the coach.

“The coach didn’t respect me. I will do the same again when it comes. I’m not happy with how things ended. I could have done a little better. But injuries and other things did not allow it.” – Berbatov clarified.

Berbatov, who has starred for Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League, did not perform well during his time at Blasters. Berbatov scored one goal in nine games for the Blasters. Berbatov scored 48 goals in 108 appearances for United and 27 goals in 70 appearances for Tottenham.

English Summary: Berbatov praise Kerala Blasters fans

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