Li Yongzhi participated in the Songkran Festival and was constantly attacked on the face. The “closed eyes performance” caused controversy again- Kpopn

2023-06-25 12:20:00

Image source: Li Yongzhi IG

The water splashing music festival “WATERBOMB” was held in South Korea in 2015. Because of the super strong lineup every year and the activities of playing with idols, it has become the largest water splashing music festival in South Korea. This year, it started on the 23rd and 25th. Uploaded photos and videos of participating in “WATERBOMB”, including a video of her singing on stage, but her face was continuously hit by water guns, causing controversy again.

On the 25th, Li Yongzhi uploaded several photos and videos on his personal IG for a limited time. One of the videos wrote “WATERBOMB Singer’s Perspective”. Although she still sang songs very dedicatedly and interacted with fans in the audience, she could see her eyes closed and her expression seemed uncomfortable.

Image source: Li Yongzhi IG Image source: Li Yongzhi IG Image source: Li Yongzhi IG

It is understood that “WATERBOMB” has caused many criticisms before because the audience would attack the artist’s face. He believed that the audience should not intentionally attack the artist’s face. Shu Hua, who participated in (G)I-DLE before, once said that he Being sprayed into the eyes and unable to see it for 30 seconds has caused many fans to worry. Therefore, this time Li Yongzhi took a video of his face being attacked continuously, which once again sparked controversy.

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