Discover the Ultimate Collection of Pikmin Merchandise at Unbeatable Prices – Available Now for Pre-Order at Nintendo Store!

2023-06-26 10:30:00

Introducing more Pikmin merchandise! Plush Charm Plush Charm Nintendo ホームページThe Pikmin plush toy of about 13cm will be sold at Family Mart convenience stores in Japan from July 4, 2023 (Tuesday). There are two different types of Pikmin with the same color, one with leaves on the head, and one with flowers on the head, choose your favorite Pikmin and take it with you! The plush charms are priced at JPY 770 (tax included) each.ピクミン 4 Ice ピクミンが作れれる Ice Maker & Cup set BOOK Nintendo ホームページ can make a silicone ice maker like the “Ice Pikmin” that appeared in Pikmin 4. The ice maker also comes with a cup. The “Ice Pikmin” can be made to float and look cool. The release date is July 18, 2023 (Tuesday), and the price is JPY 3,949 yen (tax included). Pikmin Plush Toy Bag BOOK / Tote Bag BOOK Nintendo ホームページ The popular “Pikmin Plush Toy Bag and Tote Bag” will be released again. The plush toy bag (sold separately) can be slipped into the pocket of the tote. You can also take the Pikmin plush toy bag with you! Decorate the room! Enjoy everyday life with Pikmin! “Picumin Interiyatoto Bag (tote bag)” is priced at JPY 2,959 (tax included), and “Picuminぬいぐるみポーチ (plush toy bag)” is priced at JPY 2,269 (tax included). “Picumin 4 Ice ピクミンがれれる Ice Maker & Coppuset BOOK” and “PicuminぬいるゐみポーチBOOK / インテリアトートバッグ BOOK” are now available for pre-order on the Nintendo Store! Chances are they will sell out early, so book yours now! For details about the “Pikmin 4 Event”, please see Nintendo’s official website.
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