[Teaching]The official boutique of “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK A Man in a Bottle” teaches you how to buy a lot at the original price in Hong Kong + buy in Japan in detail

The film version of “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” of “A Man in a Bottle” will be screened in Hong Kong today. With the previous promotion, Hong Kong has sparked another wave of “slam dunk” craze. However, a series of high-quality goods sold in Hong Kong, especially dolls, are not cheap. Some people on the Internet have calculated that they are much more expensive than Japan. In fact, these boutiques are available on the official website in Japan, and now the service of shipping goods from Japan to Hong Kong is convenient, and the delivery only needs to wait for a week at most, which can be another good choice. The following will introduce the operation method of the Japanese official website and how to fill in the form and ship it back to Hong Kong correctly.

Method 1: Fly to Japan to buy locally (nonsense)

The best way to buy the high-quality goods of “A Man in a Bottle” is of course to buy it locally in Japan (nonsense). My colleague went to Japan earlier and bought a set at the original price. See how arrogant he is!

Method 2: Online shopping in Japan

First of all, let’s take a look at the price difference between Japan’s official website and Hong Kong. For example, the most popular SLAM DUNK FIGURE COLLECTION -Shohoku set- doll series, the original official price of the full set is 24,200 yen (about HK$1,437), But look at the official price in Hong Kong is HK$2,280. Although buying in Japan needs to be consolidated and shipped in Japan, and you may have to pay an additional 200 to 300 yuan for shipping, some netizens still think that buying on the Japanese official website will be more affordable.

Differences in official selling prices between Hong Kong and Japan

Hong Kong official price Japanese official website price
SLAM DUNK FIGURE COLLECTION -Shohoku set- HK$2,280 ¥‎24,200 (approximately HK$1,437)
SLAM DUNK FIGURE COLLECTION (each) HK$118 ¥‎1,320 (approximately HK$78)
Acrylic key chain (each) HK$128 ¥‎1,320 (approximately HK$78)
Leather keychain (each) HK$498 ¥‎5,500 (approximately HK$326)
basketball keychain HK$160 ¥‎1,650 (approximately HK$98)
Japanese edition HK$110 ¥‎1,100 (approximately HK$65)
Postcards (5 pieces) HK$78 ¥‎990 (approximately HK$59)
rubber glue (5 pieces) HK$168 ¥‎1,980 (approximately HK$118)
Memo paper HK$80 ¥‎880 (approximately HK$53)
bath towel HK$368 ¥‎4,400 (approximately HK$262)
sports towel HK$250 ¥‎2,750 (approximately HK$164)
stickers (each) HK$66 ¥‎660 (about HK$40)
adhesive tape (each) HK$88 ¥‎880 (approximately HK$53)
Cap hat HK$398 ¥‎4,950 (approximately HK$294)
T-shirt per piece HK$350 ¥‎3,850 (approximately HK$229)

▲If you simply compare the prices of boutiques in Hong Kong and Japan, you may think that online shopping in Japan is more suitable. The picture shows the order form on the Hong Kong official website

In fact, the advantage of buying in Hong Kong is that you can complete the payment procedures in Hong Kong, and you can even buy it on the spot if it is in stock. In addition, it can be seen that some items on the Japanese official website have been sold out, such as bath towels, sports towels, some T-Shirt styles, etc. If you find these in the official Hong Kong store, it may be better than online shopping in Japan. If you go to the Japanese official website to buy, you need to pay for the shopping expenses with a credit card, as well as the transportation expenses and handling fees during the consolidation. After the goods arrive in Japan, you have to do the consolidation yourself. Therefore, the following introduction is for reference only. Readers need to judge all factors by themselves, make the final decision and assume all responsibilities by themselves. Another important thing:

Note: Products with different release dates cannot be paid together (that is, they may need to be shipped separately)

*Note: Pre-order products with different release dates cannot be placed in the same order, which means that the orders may need to be sent separately. You need to pay attention to the possible increase in your shipping costs, including storage fees, handling fees for re-packaging of goods, etc.

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Japanese official website purchase process

Step 1

Toei Official Online Store URL:click to enter

First of all, take a fancy to the product you want to buy. If you think you can shop online in Japan, press the “Membership Registration/ログイン” (membership registration/login) button at the top of the screen;

Step 2

First register a Toei official online shopping account and click “Member Login”.

Step 3

Confirm the terms of use and click “Agree します” (I agree) below.

Step 4

Here you need to enter your personal information, as well as delivery information. Below the name, you need to enter the Japanese katakana pronunciation of the name.You can find conversion sites such asthis), convert the Chinese name into Japanese pronunciation. Enter the first and last name results into the form separately.

▲First you need to fill in your personal information;

▲This column is the Japanese pronunciation (katakana) that needs to be entered

▲You can visit someconvert siteconvert the name of Chinese characters into Japanese pronunciation, remember that what you need is the conversion result of “katakana”

Step 5

In the same form, the delivery address in Japan needs to be filled in at the bottom. Here you can fill in the information provided by the shipping company. Generally, after you register with a shipping company, they will give you a set of Japanese address, phone number, zip code and other information, just fill them in one by one.

▲For example, the picture is the information given by a shipping company

▲ Fill in the form with the information provided by the shipping company

Step 6

Just confirm again after registration is complete.

Step 7

After that, you can buy boutiques on Toei’s official website, and put the boutiques you want into the shopping cart.

After shopping, open the shopping cart and press the “Buy 手続きへ” (enter the purchase procedure) button below;

Step 8

In the next step, you can review the input delivery address information again;

During the purchase process, you will need to enter your credit card information. We have tried to use a credit card issued by a Hong Kong card issuer and made the payment successfully.

Step 9

The purchase is complete. Whether you place an order or buy in stock, you need to make all payments immediately. Your bank will send you another SMS to confirm the transaction.

After the ordered goods are dispatched and arrive at your forwarding company, you will receive a notification from the forwarding company (email, etc., depending on the company). At that time, as long as you log in to the shipping company, and pay the handling fee and shipping fee, you can wait for the shipment to be sent back to Hong Kong. Depending on the day of delivery, it takes 3 to 7 days.

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