Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin: Reviews and Recommendations

2023-11-06 08:02:19

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Hello friends Today we want to please the girls. Let’s update some items for people with sensitive skin. There will be many categories, including skincare, makeup, and women’s items.

Let’s see what we use now. Which ones are still being used and are there any new updates?

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Let’s start with the Centella Ampoule skin care serum, a famous serum that many people love, including us. Have used it for a long time and still use it continuously. It’s a really good skin-soothing serum. Restores the skin to be strong and full overnight. With the main ingredient Centella Asiatica, it helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria, reduce dark spots and redness caused by acne as well. If that’s not enough, it also helps slow down the deterioration of skin cells. Reduces the chance of wrinkles. Gentle, pH 5.5 close to the skin. Free from parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, synthetic dyes, not tested on animals. The serum will be clear. It’s liquid, almost like water. It has no smell, no color, absorbs quickly, and isn’t sticky….Personally, I use it in the morning and evening. You can notice that on days when your face is shabby, apply a lot. Wake up in the morning and your face is really fuller.

Srichand Skin Moisture Burst Gel Cream

Srichand gel cream locks in hydrated skin This one got labeled as a drug by many social media people saying that it was really good. Use it and your skin will be full and fluffy. Suitable for people with sensitive skin. So we couldn’t resist so we decided to give it a try. It turned out to be really good. According to their concept, it is Fugu face cream for strong skin With many ingredients that focus on moisture and soothing the skin, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Apple Fruit Extract, Centella Asiatica, Madecassoside and Watermelon Fruit Extract…most importantly, there are no ingredients of parabens, perfume, alcohol. Sensitive skin can use it without worry. The cream is gel-like, absorbs quickly and is comfortable on the skin, not sticky at all. After applying, you can add other skin care products or continue with your makeup. Secretly whispering that I use it at night and wake up with a very plump face.

4U2 Every Tone Up UV Gel SPF 50+ PA+++

Let’s get to the sunscreen. I believe that many people have sensitive skin. People are probably looking for good sunscreen. I wear them all the time because it’s very difficult to find one that fits my skin. Most of them are allergic or develop clogged pores first. But now we have found this model 4U2. It is a model that was made for sensitive skin. Because there is no perfume, paraben, alcohol, not tested on animals, 100% Vegan, very good for the heart and besides being a sunscreen, it is also a tone up, able to make the skin brighter. And can protect against PM 2.5 dust. It also has Vitamin C to help brighten the skin. And deep-sea algae extract Marine Bamboo helps protect the skin from blue light rays as well. The sunscreen is a hybrid cream formula. It is a semi-watery gel with a liquid consistency. It spreads easily, absorbs quickly, does not irritate the skin, and the skin is moisturized after use. Can continue to apply makeup very well. Makeup is long lasting too.

Skinplants Loose Powder

Sunscreen, then let’s move on to powder. It’s Skinplants Apple Fiber Loose Powder. If we mention this brand, it’s obvious that their products are suitable for people with sensitive skin. We’ve tried many things. But what I really like is this loose powder. With the ingredients coming from apple fiber, the powder is quite fine. When applied, it adheres well to the facial skin, does not clog, and conceals pores well. And then there’s also mica, which is like a shimmer powder that helps the skin look glowing. When applied, the skin looks beautiful. The texture of their powder will be fine like this. Looking at it like this, it may look a little white, but when you really apply it, And it’s not that white. It will blend in with the skin. It’s not white and it doesn’t float.

Sanitary napkins are better.

Let’s move on to the item that I really want to share, which is better. organic sanitary napkins. We just watched the clip of Mr. Mint i roam alone as well as reviews from other social media. When I told you about this sanitary napkin I really wanted to try it. Until I tried it and understood that Why do so many people who use it go back and buy it again? At first I thought for a long time about things like this. Would girls want to know? Would it be good if we talked about it? But we think at least We’re here to help share good things. to women together It would probably be good. So I included it in this review ^^

Because this brand is an organic sanitary cloth. Of course, it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin. But seriously, my sister’s skin is a sensitive part, so you have to choose good things. For my younger sister, sanitary napkins are better. This really answers the question. Because the sanitary pads are made from bamboo pulp and organic corn fiber (Bamboo & Corn Fiber), they are 100% organic and what we really like is that 95% are biodegradable. Saving the world is very good for the heart. Which they have both day and night. Including sanitary pads. The box we bought included both day and nighttime versions together…the package came out really well. There’s paper wrapped for you again. When you put it in your bag or take it to the bathroom, you don’t have to be shy. It can also be used to wrap used sanitary napkins. The surface of the sanitary pads is really very soft. When I wear it, it feels like I’m not wearing it. It was comfortable like never before. The sheet size is just right and thin. You can wear it with confidence, without being afraid that you’ll see any edges at all…If I were to tell you how I feel after using it, I’d have to say that I’m really impressed. Since using sanitary napkins, this one really solves the problem. Both the comfort when wearing it, the gentleness, and the personal absorption part, I think they did a good job.

If we look at it or touch it at first, we might think that if it looks light like this, will it absorb well? But I can tell you that it did better than I thought. It absorbed quickly and was really dry and comfortable. Makes us no longer worried about the smell. When doing activities, whether walking, shopping, sitting, standing, getting on a car or boat, the sanitary napkin still adheres well to the underwear, does not wrap around the body, does not form lumps, does not slip off. And most importantly, help save the world. It’s called a sanitary napkin that you want girls to use. Let’s try using it. And will never change my mind to use another type again.

…and all of these are items for people with sensitive skin. that we brought to you Hope you like it. Girls, which one do you like? If you want us to share any items again next time, please tell us. We will collect and share with you. For today, please excuse me. Goodbye ^^

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