Best Small Towns for Retirement in New Jersey: Surf City, Long Beach Island

2023-12-05 00:51:52

For many retirement may still be down the road a bit, but trust me it’s never too early to begin to think about what you are going to do once you retire and begin the “golden years” of your life. If you live here in New Jersey and/or plan on retiring here in the Garden State let’s look at a great “small town” option for you to consider for your retirement.

According to Stacker, “In 2021, American retirement relocations dropped significantly—approximately 43% less than the previous year, its lowest number of retiree relocations in five years. The Economic Research Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests this was a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, soaring home prices, and retirees not having enough savings.” Being from the Jersey Shore I think I am partial to the idea of spending retirement years in the Shore area.

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First, it’s a beautiful section of the state along our beautiful coastline. The weather is pretty good with beautiful spring, summer, and fall and winter is usually not that bad with less snow and ice than in other parts of the Garden State.

Stacker cited Surf City, Long Beach Island in Ocean County as the “Best Small Town For Retirement in New Jersey. “In seeking to help prospective retirees, Stacker referenced Niche’s 2021 Best Places to Retire studyreleased in August 2021, to list 50 small towns that offer the best retirement. The focus was on towns with a population of less than 40,000.”

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Homeowners: 86% of the populationRenters: 14% of the populationMedian household income: $90,313Population: 1,271 (23% age 55-64 and 50% age 65+)

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