Better than Lamita Franjieh, Miss Lebanon.. Al-Kashta, Miss of the Arabs, Shams of Kuwait, showed her beauty, opened her feet, and appeared without shame in a new video!!

Shams, or as she is known by the nickname Shams Al Kuwaiti, and her full name is Shams Bandar Nayef Al-Aslami.[2] Born (28 April 1980), she is a Kuwaiti singer[بحاجة لمصدر] Saudi origin.[3] Her current nationality is from Saint Kitts and Nevis.[

ولدت في محافظة حفر الباطن شرقي المملكة العربية السعودية لأب سعودي وأم كويتية وقد توفي والدها وهي بعمر السنتين، تزوجت والدتها بعد ذلك من رجل كويتي قام بتربيتها وعاشت مع والدتها وزوجها في الكويت[3] She obtained a certificate from the Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait.

its beginning
She started her singing career by forming a popular band at the end of the nineties of the twentieth century, while her actual start was when she signed a contract with “Ranad Audio Company”, which released her first album entitled “Habib Al-Ward” in 2001.[5] It was supervised by the Saudi composer Ahmed Al-Fahd.[5]

She continued to present her songs in the Gulf dialect, and released her second album in 2002. The artist chose the song “Seven Times” for her video clip, and the name of the song is the same as the title of her new album.[6] Shams collaborated again with the Saudi artist Khaled Abdel Rahman, after collaborating with him on her first album, as the second song in the album was “Hala”, written and composed by him.[6]

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