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Reasons for decreasing carbon dioxide supply and demand for refiners

[투데이에너지 유정근 기자] The recent lack of carbon dioxide is affecting the food and beverage industry as well. If the supply shortage continues, it is expected that the production of carbonated beverages will be disrupted.

According to the Korea Carbonic Acid Industry Cooperative, carbon dioxide production is on the decline due to the recent shutdown of refineries’ factories.

in a situation like this As the consumption of dry ice and carbonated drinks increases in spring and summer, the supply of carbonic acid, a raw material, is not keeping pace.

Seong-cheol Hong, Executive Vice President of Carbonic Acid Industry Cooperatives, said, “This year, as the supply and demand of carbonated refineries have decreased, the production of carbonation is only 70% compared to the previous year and 50% on average per month. It will only get bigger,” he said.

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