Beware … a security hole in some “Apple” computer processors

Information security experts have warned of a technical vulnerability in some of the processors used by Apple in its computers.

According to the available information, “specialists from the CSAIL Laboratories for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to develop a technology called PACMAN, and this technology enables the implementation of electronic attack mechanisms by exploiting a software vulnerability found in some Apple computers running M1 processors.”

Experts point out that “the implementation of cyber-attacks on computers via the mentioned technology can be done remotely, and thus access to the kernel of the operating systems in those devices, and it is possible that there are such security holes in the processors produced by Qualcomm and Samsung as well, but the matter is not known.” distance”.

According to experts, the technical aspect of the attack depends on the pointer authentication function, and Pointer Authentication Codes are used in it.

For his part, said Apple spokesman Scott Radcliffe, “The vulnerability does not pose a direct threat to users and is not sufficient by itself to bypass the protection of the operating system.”

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