Beware of heavy rain on the 11th, mainly in Shimoetsu and Sado in Hokuriku Niigata! After that, the weather of Obon will be (Weather forecaster Takeshi Kawahara August 09, 2022)-Japan Weather Association

A front extending from the continent is stagnant in northern Japan through the Sea of ​​Japan. After this, warm, moist air will continue to flow toward the front. Atmospheric conditions are expected to be very unstable in Niigata Prefecture.

For this reason, Shimoetsu and Sado in Niigata Prefecture will experience 30mm of rain per hour accompanied by thunder on the 10th. Please be careful and vigilant against flooding of low-lying land and flooding and flooding of rivers and irrigation canals. Also, pay close attention to landslide disasters, such as near cliffs and steep slopes.

In Niigata Prefecture, it is expected that heavy rain will continue until the 11th. A special heavy rain warning was issued due to heavy rain the other day. In areas where the ground is already loose, the danger of disasters is likely to rise again.Pay attention to information announced by weather stations and local governments, and keep up-to-dateweather forecastPlease try to obtain

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