Hokuriku three-month forecast Heavy snow warning for the weekend After that, the cold weather will continue to affect the season, but the season will be smooth after March (Weather forecaster Takeshi Kawahara January 27, 2023)-Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

After this, it is expected that there will be a period of cold weather until February, but pollen will begin to disperse in the Hokuriku region around the end of February.For hay feverPollen scattering predictionBased on this, it seems that early countermeasures are necessary. By March, the season is expected to progress smoothly. What about … Read more

Kanto Snow is expected in Tokyo on the 23rd, next week is extremely cold, the maximum temperature is around 0 ° C in the center of the inland (weather forecaster Akiko Aoyama January 18, 2023)-Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

The weather in the Kanto region changes greatly depending on the course of the “Southern Coast Low Pressure” that advances along the southern coast. There are 3 patterns. ① If the south coast low pressure moves north of Hachijojima, the Kanto area will be covered by the low pressure precipitation area and warm air will … Read more

Pay attention to the trends of the south coast low pressure on the first day of the 3-day holiday Possibility of cold rain and snow in Kanto Koshin Severe cold (Weather forecaster Tomomi Yoshida January 03, 2023)-Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

The cyclone that advances over the sea south of Japan is called the “nangan cyclone” in the sense that it passes through the southern coastal area. The influence of the weather on the Kanto region depends not only on whether the south coast cyclone develops, but also on its distance from the land. Depending on … Read more

Next time, 39 years later! Don’t miss the “Planet Parade”. Let’s enjoy the starry sky at the “first sunrise of the year” in 2023 (Seasonal and living topics December 20, 2022)-Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

Sunrise is the moment when the sun begins to rise above the horizon, and the top of the sun appears to coincide with the horizon. In reality, the sun, which is still below the horizon, appears to rise due to the influence of the atmosphere. The earliest sunrise in Japan is at 5:27 on “Minamitorishima”, … Read more

Affected by Typhoon “Nig”, Macau will issue the No. 8 northwest typhoon tonight

Global Current Affairs 4AJ6NhOx5lCarticleSouth Korean media said that North Korea fired a missile near South Korea’s territorial waters today, and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs respondedworld.huanqiu.com 4AJ5abNzIRQarticleBolsonaro loses election, Neymar has become the focus of many foreign mediaworld.huanqiu.com 4AJ3CTy0v9JarticleKorean media: Prime Minister South Korea said that the police will be held accountable after the … Read more

If this winter’s Hokuriku La Niña phenomenon strengthens the cold winter negative Arctic oscillation, prepare for severe winter and heavy snow (Takeshi Kawahara, October 27, 2022) – Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

Apart from the La Niña phenomenon, the Arctic Oscillation is one of the factors that greatly affect winter weather in the northern hemisphere. From the perspective of the impact on Japan, put simply, cold air from the Arctic does not easily flow into Japan, resulting in a positive Arctic Oscillation in which Japan tends to … Read more