Lost contact on the return trip from Hsinchu! 20-year-old rider collided with guardrail and fell to Qingshui cliff to his death

A 20-year-old knight collided with a guardrail and fell off a cliff in Qingshui. (Photo/TVBS)

A 20-year-old motorcycle rider surnamed Lin was planning to return to his hometown in Hualien by motorcycle from Hsinchu on the evening of the 11th. On the way, he passed the Suhua Highway, but for unknown reasons collided with the guardrail of the opposite lane. As a result, Lin fell 150 meters. Deep clear water cliffs. When the police arrived at the scene, they only found a badly damaged locomotive on the provincial road. They urgently sent people to rappel before hanging Lin Nan up, but the person was obviously dead, and the cause of the accident is still being clarified.


Lin Nan’s locomotive was severely damaged. (Photo/TVBS)


The locomotive was badly damaged. (Photo/TVBS)

A man surnamed Lin, who lives in Hualien Zhixue, went to Hsinchu by bicycle a few days ago. He was on the phone with his family before returning home yesterday. At a distance of 60.2 kilometers from the Taijiuding Line in Linxiang, the son’s severely damaged locomotive was found, but no one was seen. The police arrived at the scene after receiving a report, and found that Lin Nan was suspected of hitting the pier in front of the north entrance of the tunnel, and he fell off the Qingshui cliff at a depth of 150 meters.


Firefighters sent emergency personnel to hang up for rescue. (Photo/TVBS)


The police initially ruled that it was a self-inflicted crash. (Photo/TVBS)

The fire brigade also dispatched manpower urgently. At 8:00 a.m., they used ropes and backboards to hang Lin Nan from the bottom of the valley back to the provincial road. Lin Nan’s way home was the southbound lane, but he collided with the northbound guardrail. The police initially judged that the accident should have caused the accident by accident. However, due to fatigue driving, or the accident caused by the flashing car, the police have reported to the prosecutor for inspection. , to further clarify the cause of the incident.

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