Beyond The Music Festival: Liam Gallagher’s Voice Takes Over Manchester’s Public Transport

2023-10-13 08:45:24

During the Beyond the Music festival, Mancunian public transport users will be lulled by the voice of the Oasis singer.

In Manchester, musicians are in the spotlight even on public transport. For the Beyond The Music festival, which ends on Saturday, Liam Gallagher has agreed to lend his voice for announcements on the tram in his hometown. The singer of Wonder wall or Don’t Look Back in Anger wish so “make your contribution” by encouraging the public to support young talents, said a spokesperson for the musician.

Mayor Andy Burnham welcomed the participation of the famous Manchester native in this event during which 100 artists take over the streets and performance halls of the city. “It means a lot to us that Liam agreed to do this“, he explained to the British press. I’m sure Liam’s dulcet tone will wake up early morning commuters, brighten their days and bring smiles to many people’s faces on their journeys.»

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