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Vocabulary, richness of imagination and devotion are the special qualities of Kilipatt Ramayana. Just as the Acharya prays, the Vigneshwaradi Devas are blessed by placing their hands on Murdhav. Bharati vocabulary thus flowed with the richness of imagination. Varnana during Swayam Prabhagati is incomparable! Hanumadi describes the thirsty monkeys in such a way that the listener can feel them.

Andakararanyamasu Pukidina-

Constant thirst and increased appetite.

With the arid Talu region… Devotion to nature, love and imagination, the Acharya’s imagination is unmatched!

Here is an example of Acharya’s Kapana Vaibhava, Bhavana Garima

Valli Trina Ganachchannamaionetati-

When I stand thinking that it is water

Ardrapaksha Krauncha Hamsadipakshika-

As soon as Lurdhwadeshe flew…

The Acharya cleverly describes the idea of ​​water in the area covered with vines and grass, and the droplets of water coming from the wings of the Chakravaka, the flamingo, etc.

(Ardra Paksha Krauncha Hamsadipakshika- Lurdhwadese parannarat dindu…) In it the sign and possibility of water is seen. And, Bhavana is presented with excellent verses. That Kalpana skill is unparalleled! In how many cases does the Acharya turn his Siddhi into a creative one..

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